Concerning lauching of “phoenix” charity fund

In April, 2017, the Fund as one of the new areas of its activities launched the “Phoenix” project. Within the framework of this project, the Fund renders assistance in treatment and rehabilitation of children with mental and speech development disorders, delay in development of motor and speech skills, delay in psycho-motor development. Treatment and rehabilitation of children receive in clinics of Russia and Kazakhstan. The Fund pays for travel and treatment of a child and accompanying person. Currently, three children with different diagnoses have received treatment and rehabilitation in clinics of “Samarskiy REA Center” (Samara), “Doktrina” (Saint-Petersburg), “Neurology, epileptology and rehabilitation” (Almaty).

After treatment parents of children see positive results concerning health condition of children, but unfortunately, these diseases are very serious and require long treatment and rehabilitation. The Fund in turn plans to continue rendering assistance in rehabilitation and treatment of children.

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