Октябрь 9, 2018

Concert tours of the Georgian National Ballet «Sukhishvili»

On the 14th and 15th of September 2018, private fund “Fund for development and support of ballet and national dance” organized a concerts of the world-known Georgian National Ballet — Sukhishvili for the first time in Astana. The performance took place in Astana Ballet theatre. The legendary ensemble showed to the guests and residents of […]

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Январь 29, 2018

Christmas story

Private fund «Development and Support Fund of Ballet and National Dance» was the main sponsor of the New Year’s fairy tale organized by the charity fund «AYALA» for 140 pupils from the specialized boarding school in Astana. The fun of 3,5 hours long began on December 28 at the entertainment center Happylon (TRC «Keruen»), where […]

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Декабрь 5, 2017

“Arnau” national dance evening held in Astana

Two evenings in a row — November 30 and December 1 — the “Astana Ballet” group showed their skills on stage.

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Ноябрь 15, 2017

Zhienkulova Republican Children Kazakh dance festival

In order to support and develop children dance art as a factor of spiritual and moral and aesthetic education of the younger generation, harmoniously develop personality and popularize Kazakh dance, the Fund held Shara Zhienkulova Republican Children Kazakh Dance on November 3 in Taldykorgan city.

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Июнь 14, 2017

Opening of children’s library

In the Kazakh National Choreography Academy of there was opened a children’s library, a unique open format.

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Май 25, 2017

The third reporting contest in Zhambyl region

From May 16 to May 19, 2017 in Sarysu, Zhualyn, Zhambyl regional cultural centers.

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Апрель 20, 2017

Concerning lauching of “phoenix” charity fund

In April, 2017, the Fund as one of the new areas of its activities launched the “Phoenix” project.

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Сентябрь 20, 2016

Results of the III international contest of ballet artists

The third and final round of the ballet contest in Astana was completed and the names of the laureates were announced.

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